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A) Access to this website
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1) The content of this website is a courtesy of ROPTRO S.A and its alias 1.4.U. You (the viewer) are not allowed to copy, alter or redistribute any part of the website, including virtually any object such as text, images, multimedia and sound.
2) Any action against this website, make you applicable to EU Law and treaties regarding the web as well as copyright issues.
B) Content and Cookies
Our website performs certain actions when you use it. Therefore by making use of it you are aware and also agree that:
1) This website stores information on your computer regarding language preferences and other user related data.
2) Our Company is aware of the EU law regarding browser cookies. We do not store sensitive information on our server neither we do on your machine too.
3) Some of our web pages contain web forms collecting input data. Some of those data are being saved in our database.
4) Any data submitted to our web forms must be TRUE.
5) Our content is copyrighted and preserved.
6) Some of our content may not be suitable for minors.

C) Disclaimer
We do not have responsibility for any of the following:
1) Damages that might occur while browsing our website in any software or hardware as well as to pay or fix for those.
2) For malware or viruses that might enter our server and infect your system.
3) Services not available in your language. Some services might be country or language specific and therefore you may not be able to display them or take part.
D) Privacy
We respect your privacy and our website follows the guidelines of applicable European and Greek Law regarding the web, new technologies as well as copyright protection.
Any claim by any side will be resolved to the competent Greek court.
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